Mixed Futsal for beginners

Here at Scoreline Sports, Mixed Futsal leagues have been a big part of our programs since 2004.

We welcome all levels of ability, and teams are often made up of groups of friends with varying amounts of experience, from seasoned club players to raw beginners.

Here are just a few thoughts about how your team can get the most out of their Futsal experience, and hopefully be encouraged to keep returning.


While nobody wants to spend a fortune gearing up for a social sport, here are a few points to consider:

  • Long socks & shinguards are compulsory for insurance reasons.   These are relatively cheap from various outlets, and we usually have them for sale also.  Just contact us before your game night & we’ll ensure some are available.
  • Shoes: the wrong  shoes can hinder  playing & increase injury risk. We recommend investing in some entry level Futsal shoes .  Otherwise you should wear some flat shoes rather than thick soled joggers, which risk rolling your ankle.

Get to know the rules: Most mixed Futsal comps have some sort of modified rules, and ours is no exception. It’s worth checking out the rules (particularly the Mixed rules in section 7) so you know exactly what’s going on.

Get everyone involved:  Your team will enjoy the game more (and play better) if everyone gets involved.  This especially applies to shooting for goal.  If you encourage everyone to take a shot when they have an opportunity, it will make your team more competitive, as well as enhancing enjoyment.   It’s a good idea to have your most experienced player up the front in a “pivot” role.  This person can then feed the ball to others coming through on the wings, to take a shot.

Watch what other teams do: Not just their skills, but where they place themselves in attack and defence, and how they set up the play.   Some of our teams have been playing together for a while.  It takes time to gel as a team.   Stick with it!