This is a basic summary of Futsal rules, with a particular focus on the rules that are specific to our leagues. With any matters not covered here, we apply the same laws as FIFA Futsal.
  1. TEAMS.
    • Team: 5 players on court per team (including 1 goalkeeper). Additional subs (maximum 7) are allowed
    • Minimum team: A team must have at least 3 players to start a game.
    • Fill-in players: A team may use a fill-in player if necessary due to regular players being absent. Fill-in players may be from outside the competition, or from another Scoreline Sports league. Fill-in players may not be from another team in the same league. Where there is grading, a player may fill in for a higher grade than their own, but not lower.
    • Unlimited ‘flying’ substitutes
    • Players can re-enter the game without notifying the referee.
    • Substitutions must take place from the side of the pitch adjacent to the team’s bench area.
    • The exiting player must be completely off the court before the sub enter the court.
    • The two players must cross the sideline within 2 metres of each other.
    • Goalkeeper replacements (by a sub or by another player) can only take place when the ball is out of play and the referee has been informed.
  3. KICK-IN
    • For sideline re-starts, we use kick-ins instead of throw-ins
    • The kicker must place the ball by hand stationary on the line
    • The non-kicking foot must be on or behind the line while the kick is taken
    • A goal CANNOT be scored directly from a kick in unless it touches a player before crossing the goal line.
    • Kick-off must go FORWARD. A goal can NOT be scored direct from kick-off
    • For a ball to be OUT or a goal scored, ALL of the ball must be over the line.
    • There is a 4 second time limit at all restarts of play.
    • There is NO offside.
    • Slide tackles are NOT permitted.
    • Players are NOT allowed to play the ball whilst on the ground, except for the Goalkeeper who can only do so within their goal area.
    • Goalkeepers throw the ball from the marked goal area (D) to restart for a goal clearance after the ball has gone over the goal line.
    • If they have saved the ball in general play they can also drop kick
    • All goalkeeper throws must bounce (or be touched) before halfway. There is no restriction on the length of goalkeeper drop-kicks.
    • The goalkeeper has a 4 second time limit to clear the ball from his/her goal area
    • Goalkeepers are NOT allowed to pick up a deliberate pass from any of their team mates (Back pass).
    • There is NO “two touch” rule in this league.
    • The referee has the option of using 2 disciplinary cards – blue and red.
    • BLUE CARD: player must leave the court for a period specified by the referee (this may be anything from 2 minutes to the whole game). The player may be replaced immediately. The matter does not go on the player’s record.
    • RED CARD: player is immediately expelled from the game and cannot return. The player may be replaced after 2 minutes, or when their team concedes a goal, whichever is earlier. **The sent-off player must serve an automatic minimum one week suspension, with any further suspension to be considered by management.
    • Referees may warn, ask to leave or eject from the stadium any person who is bringing the competition into disrepute or displaying antisocial behaviour. (Spectators included)
    • All players are bound by the Scoreline Sports Code of Conduct. Referees may take action during the game for breaches of the code. Management may issue further sanctions for reported breaches of the code (even if no action was taken at the time).
    • Maximum 3 males on the court at all times.
    • The first 2 female goals for each team are worth two each.
    • A team cannot score more than 3 male goals consecutively.
    • Males can only shoot for goal from inside the large semi circle (basketball 3 point line). The exception to this is if the opposing goalkeeper is outside the same semi circle, at which time anyone can shoot from anywhere on the pitch.
    • If a male player takes a corner or side kick-in, a goal can only be scored if it is touched by another player on the same team.
    • There is no official limit on kicking height; however a free kick may be given against a male player who kicks the ball excessively hard at or near head height, especially if a female player is in the vicinity
  9. Matches will commence on time unless there was a delay during earlier matches.
    • At the commencement of the game time, if one team does not have enough players to start, 1 goal will be awarded to the opposition.
    • A second goal will be awarded after 3 minutes, and a third goal after 6 minutes.
    • After 9 minutes the game will be declared a forfeit.
    1. Teams who cannot field sufficient players will forfeit the match
    2. A forfeit will count as a 7-0 loss
    3. If Scoreline Sports management does not receive at least 24 hours notice of the forfeit, a forfeit fee of $87* will apply, in addition to team fees. (*enforced from January 2018)
    4. If a team forfeits a game with less than 24 hours notice, but is able to provide three (3) players for a friendly match, they will not be liable for the forfeit fee.
  11. FINALS
    • Players must play and register by week 7, in order to be eligible for semi finals and finals. No fill-in players are allowed in semis or finals. (week 7 is defined as the 7th week of the season – not the fixtures – so if there is a round of friendlies at the start of the season, week 7 will actually be round 6 of the fixtures).
    • If scores are level in a finals match at the end of normal time, there will be up to 3 minutes each way of extra time (“golden goal” to apply). If there is no score in extra time, there will be a penalty shootout (best of 5).