Netball is a great sport, and overall a very safe one. However all sports carry a risk of injury, and Netball is no exception.
Social players can be susceptible to injury if they over-extend the capabilities of their body with insufficient training, little or no warm-up and incorrect footwear.
To minimise the risk of injury, we suggest you take the following precautions:
  • Do other exercise during the week, especially exercises that will make you stronger for Netball. Programs such as Netball Australia’s KNEE program may be useful, or your physio or fitness professional may be able to help.
  • Warm up cool down before after the game. Research suitable warm-up routines… this articlemay be helpful.
  • Footwear: Consider whether your footwear is suitable for Netball. It can vary depending on your other risk factors and your type of foot, but it’s possible your shoes may be unsuitable. You may want to consider articles like this one that make the case for specific Netball shoes.
  • Play within your limits. It’s great to be competitive, but this is Social Netball, not the World Cup. Consider your fitness, strength and flexibility and skill levels and play accordingly. Will that spectacular flying leap to get the ball, win your team the game? Remember you can’t help them win if you are injured. You don’t have to do everything at a million miles an hour. Approach the game with a clear head, take your time, and have fun.