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Schedule: Netball Thursday.

Thanks to all teams for taking part in 2023.   Congratulations to “Friends and Fitness”, who are our season 3 Grand Final Winners for Thursday Netball.

Well done also to Runners-up “Ballers . Net” and all the other teams.

We hope all recipients of player awards from Grill’d South Bank have enjoyed their free burger.

A new schedule will be posted on this page soon for our upcoming 2024 Season 1.   Make sure you get your team together so you can be a part of it!

To find out how to to enter your team, visit our Netball Page for entry details.

If your team is really keen, check out some ideas for off-season training.

Find out about getting ready for a game with these Netball warm-up tips.

Get your team members familiar with the rules.   Check out our Netball rules summary. 

During the season you can check your game times on this page, as well as see how your team is going on the points table.     
Team captains, we recommend you share the link for this page with your team members.    That way they can check the times for themselves in addition to getting reminders from you.

To find out more about effectively managing your team, visit our Team organisers tips page.