Organising a social sports team: top tips

Here are some top tips for organising a social sports team, to make sure you and your team get the most out of the season.

1. Communicate with your team

Establish communication channels (group chats, emails, etc.) for sharing information about games, practice sessions, and any updates.   Ensure everyone is aware of the schedule, rules, and expectations from the start.

2. Set Clear Goals when organising your team

Define the team’s goals—whether they’re about improving skills, having fun, or winning games. Align everyone’s expectations accordingly.    This will also impact who you invite to join.   Some teams value reliability, punctuality and enthusiasm over actual sporting ability when it comes to their choice of player

3. Delegate

  • Make sure you have a second team contact who is reliable and contactable, who can liaise with the league organisers if you are away or unavailable.
  • Spread the responsibility, as you are there to enjoy the games as well!
  •  Encourage feedback and input from all team members.

4. Get the team together away from games

  • Team practices improve skills, teamwork and morale.    Even if you only have practice a couple of times a season, it can be very beneficial.
  • Social events outside of games and practice are valuable for camaraderie, team bonding and team spirit.  You might want to get together for a burger at Grill’d South Bank!

5. Manage Finances Transparently

Make it clear what is required in terms of payments by team members.   Get a financial commitment from all team members as early as possible.

6. Stay Flexible when organising a social sports team

Be adaptable to changes in schedules, unforeseen circumstances, or individual needs of team members.

7. Stay Positive and Encouraging

  • Maintain a positive attitude, support each other, and motivate team members during both good and challenging times.
  • Celebrate achievements (big or small), whether it’s winning a game, improving skills, or just enjoying each other’s company. Recognition boosts morale.
  • Promote good sporting behaviour, win or lose.  Create a positive atmosphere within the team, and with opposing teams and match officials.
  • Keep an open mind to learning and improving as a team. Remember to have fun; after all, it’s social sports!

Organising a social sports team requires communication, and a good balance between fun and structure.    Hopefully the above tips were helpful for you and your team.

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