Social Netball Warm-up Drills

The importance of warming up for Social Netball

You might think that if you are just playing social netball, you don’t need to bother about warming up.

Here is why, even in the most social level of netball, warming up is important:

  1. Injury Prevention: A warm-up gradually increases heart rate and loosens muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The increased blood flow improves muscle pliability.

  2. Improved Performance: Warming up prepares the body the game. It gradually elevates body temperature and increases the range of motion in joints, and thereby enhances  running, jumping, pivoting, and quick changes in direction.

  3. Mental Preparation: A warm-up allows players to focus, and so improves concentration in the game.   When you are more focused you get more out of the game.

  4. Enhanced Coordination: Warm-ups often  improve coordination, balance, and agility, which are important in netball. If your team doesn’t train much, your warm-up can help you get into game mode.

  5. Team Bonding: Warm-ups can be an opportunity for players to connect, communicate, and therefore work together as a team. Team-based warm-up activities foster camaraderie and therefore build a sense of unity among players.  

Even in the social game, where it’s mostly about fun rather than intense competition, netball warm-up drills are still important.

Regardless of your level, a warm-up helps you be at your best, thereby ensuring a more enjoyable and safer experience for everyone involved.

Warm-up routines: the KNEE program

The KNEE program is a warm-up program designed by Netball Australia in consultation with various experts, for both top level and recreational Netballers.

We recommend you visit the KNEE program recreational section, for a heap of suggestions about warm-up routines, specifically for recreational netballers.    Do some of these each week with your teammates, and subsequently you will enjoy the games more and have less chance of injury.

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netball warm up drills being performed on court